Continuous Delivery Workshop

One-day workshop on Continuous Delivery where attendees learn about building high-quality software in a reliable, low-risk, speed-optimised manner. Audience: Developers, Testers, Architects, Operations, Management


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Open Source: "c3vis" - Cloud Container Cluster Visualizer

Helps visualize the resource utilisation of Amazon ECS clusters. Deploying software as “containers” promises to solve many problems with regards to interoperability of environments, speed to deploy, and cost reduction. But understanding where our software lives now becomes more difficult both for development and operations teams. This is due to the fact that it is quite laborious to find the information indicating where the software is now located and the quantity of resources still available for more software. Several ECS console screens must be viewed, and the amount of time required to process this information grows with the amount of software deployed. The Cloud Container Cluster Visualizer (c3vis) aims to give administrators and teams one place to gain rapid insight into the state of where the containers are running and the capacity available for more containers.

"Making Easy = Right"

Presentation with Alexandra Spillane



Other Video Recordings:

"Continuous Delivery Distilled"

DevOps Brisbane YouTube Channel

Filmings of DevOps Brisbane Meetup sessions. DevOps Brisbane is run by Angus Scown and Matt Callanan.

Lessons From A DevOps Journey

Slides from "Lessons From a DevOps Journey" presentation at Agile Development Practices West conference in Las Vegas in June 2012

Slides (PDF) Audio (mp3)

Related InfoQ interview in June 2012 about DevOps, agile, tools and collaboration

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DevOps Early Days MindMap

Notes and links on the origins of DevOps in the first 3 years, including: tools, culture, approaches, significant people.

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