"Making Easy = Right"

Presentation at DevOps Days Brisbane 2014 with Alexandra Spillane

from DevOps Days Brisbane 2014 on Vimeo.

"DevOps @ Wotif"

Presentation at DevOps Brisbane Meetup June 2014 with Alexandra Spillane

"Continuous Delivery Distilled"

DevOps Brisbane YouTube Channel

Filmings of DevOps Brisbane Meetup sessions. DevOps Brisbane is run by Angus Scown and Matt Callanan.

Lessons From A DevOps Journey

Slides from "Lessons From a DevOps Journey" presentation at Agile Development Practices West conference in Las Vegas in June 2012

Slides (PDF) Audio (mp3)

Related InfoQ interview in June 2012 about DevOps, agile, tools and collaboration

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DevOps Early Days MindMap

Notes and links on the origins of DevOps in the first 3 years, including: tools, culture, approaches, significant people.

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